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The work of "Hope and Homes for Children - Bulgaria" is related to the change in attitudes and policies, and where there is a change, there is resistance. Numerous obstacles crop up along the way to success, but in the same way, in which an army goes to battle, believing, that will win, and we have courage, that we can give a chance to every child in Bulgaria to live in a loving family environment. We are creative and not afraid to try again and again and again.



We are fully dedicated to child and work always in his best interest. We integrity of purpose and transparency in every action, we take, They are crucial to the success of our organization. Ето защо, we are always honest in their work with children and their families, and various state and government structures.



"Hope and Homes for Children - Bulgaria" helps ensure that every child to get a chance for a better life environment, which encourages its development and allows him to feel loved and cared. We change children's lives every day, therefore work with extreme precision and treat with dignity as children, and to their parents and all other involved parties.




1To demonstrate how family care can successfully replace institutional care in every aspect

222To build the capacity of local professionals, responsible for children's welfare, child protection and the prevention of separation of children from their families

333To influence state and international policies and plans, to provide a family environment for every child


To create strategic partnerships with other organizations, in order to convert the removal of institutional care on a global priority

555newTo develop and enrich public awareness, in terms of institutional care and the alternatives





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