Background info for DI Launch in EP - June 2013-1


Форумът беше организиран от „Надежда и домове за децата – клон България“ и бе домакинстван от сдружение „Еквилибриум“ на 13 and 14 юни в Обединени детски услуги „Слънчо“ в Русе. Мястото не е избрано случайно, тъй като „Еквилибриум“ е единственото НПО в страната, което управлява иновативната социално-здравна услуга с подкрепата на Община Русе и партньорството на „Надежда и домове за децата – клон България“.

Кръглата маса събра по-голямата част от специалистите, които са ръководители и експерти в останалите 7 пилотни Центрове за деца с потребност от постоянна медицинска грижа в страната. Те бяха разкрити в резултат от преструктурирането и закриването на 8 пилотни Дома за медико социални грижи поContinue reading

From 6 to 9 юни 2017 year on a visit to Bulgaria were the experts of "Hope and Homes for Children - UK" Dawn Morrison, Sarah Robinson and Isabel Noktor. They got acquainted in detail with the work of "Hope and Homes for Children - Bulgaria".

During the visit colleagues from Britain had the opportunity to meet with team organization, to obtain information on policies and strategies in Bulgaria and observe how it works on the ground.

On 7 and 8 June guests visited the orphanage - Stara Zagora and HMSCC - Haskovo and together with the regional coordinators met with families, supported by "Hope and homes… Continue reading


on 6.yuni, 2017 g. District Administration in Burgas was held and the twelfth meeting of the Regional Coordination Mechanism for deinstitutionalization of children / OKMD /.

At this meeting, the experts examined 2 cases of children at risk, first child 1 year from a large family with six children, presented by the Head of CPD city. Ajtos, If another child reported by a social worker of the Social Support Center Burgas. In both cases, members of OKMD proposed specific solutions to improve the conditions for rearing children and families to prevent abandonment. The meeting was attended 23 representatives of institutions, Members of the Regional Coordination Mechanism, engaged… Continue reading

On 30 May 2017 year, Kalina Asparuhova and Kremena Stoyanova "Hope and Homes for Children - Bulgaria" took part in the seminar "sure start program in Hungary and Europe", organized by the "Tulip". "Sure Start children begins in the family" was his motto. The seminar was attended by Deputy. Minister of MLSP Zornitca Rusinova and deputy. Ombudsman Diana Kovacheva. Keynote speaker was Dr.. Mary Herzog, Explorer, teacher and longtime member of the Committee on the Rights of the Child by the UN and President of Eurochild.

The event was highlighted, that the basis for a successful start for every child it is to grow in a family environment. Consideration was given to the great responsibility of governments… Continue reading

On 30 and 31 May was held the second training on "De-institutionalization and alternative care", organized by "Hope and Homes for Children - Bulgaria" for CPD social workers and social service providers under the "Strategic deinstitutionalization to eliminate institutional care for children under 3 age in Bulgaria ".

In detail they discussed the process of deinstitutionalization in the first phase, and an updated action plan for the period 2016 – 2020 year, and new services. The second part of the training was devoted to alternative forms of care and participants in its provision. They were given a number of practical examples and case studies discussed.… Continue reading

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