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On 20 July 2017 g. District Administration in Burgas was held thirteenth meeting to work on the cases of the Regional Coordination Mechanism for deinstitutionalization of children.

The meeting began with an extraordinary item of the agenda - need emergency placement of a child 20 days, He is currently in a children's ward in the hospital for treatment, because the mother is unable to care and raising child. "Hope and Homes for Children - Bulgaria" supported CPD Pomorie to find a foster family. On the territory of Burgas region no such families for children 3 years and this impedes the work of CPD th in our area. With the decision on the… Continue reading

Gergana is 9 year. She lives with her mother, Ivanka and her younger brother, Boris, in a town in southern Bulgaria. Their apartment has only one bedroom and very little furniture, but they are safe and together. after all, they have experienced in recent months, this is the most important.

Gergana Boris live with both parents, but their father is a very aggressive person and often beat their mother. then 10 years of violence, Ivanka not take it anymore and runs away from home. Shortly thereafter, Her husband takes his life, and Vladimir and Boris found the body of his father. Father in law of Ivanka blame her for the tragedy and threaten, that will… Continue reading

Gergana is nine years old. She lives with her mother, Ivanka and her younger brother, Boris, in a town in the South of Bulgaria. Their flat has only one bedroom and very little furniture but they are safe and they are together. After all that they’ve been through in recent months, that is what counts.

Gergana and Boris used to live with both their parents but their father was a violent man who regularly beat their mother. After ten years of abuse, Ivanka could stand it no longer and she fled. Soon after this, her husband took his own life. It was Gergana and Boris who discovered their father’s body.… Continue reading

Georgi Petrovi, aged four, with his mother, Petya.

Petya and Ivan Petrovi spent years longing for a second child. But when their second son, Georgi, was born, in October 2012, the midwives and doctors at the hospital behaved as if something terrible had happened. It was three days before they even allowed Petya and Ivan to see their new baby.

Georgi had been diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome and the medical staff told his parents that this meant they would never be able to care for him. It would be too expensive, it would be too difficult. They might even endanger his life. Petya and Ivan had never… Continue reading

Georgi Petrov, 4 year., with her mother.

Peter and Ivan Petrovi spent many years waiting for a second child. But when their son, Georgi, He was born in October 2012, midwives and doctors at the hospital behave, tsyakash something terrible happened. Three days Peter and John were not even admit to their child.

George was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and medical officials say parents, that means, they will never be able to care for him. He would be too expensive, too hard. They could even threaten his life if it grow at home. Peter and John… Continue reading

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