Background info for DI Launch in EP - June 2013-1

Да отворим врати за децата на Европа

A number of child rights organisations among which  Eurochild, Hope and Homes for Children, Lumos and the Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign supported today the call by the Coalition ‘Childhood 2025’ on the Bulgarian Government to move forward with deinstitutionalisation in Bulgaria.

Members of the Coalition expressed their wish for active inclusion and participation at all levels of the process of elaboration and implementation of the Action Plan for the period of 2016-2020 in regard to the implementation of the National strategy “Vision for the deinstitutionalisation of children in Bulgaria”.

We welcome the recent actions of the Bulgarian Government made at the beginning of… Continue reading


These children are stigmatised, isolated and discouraged from maintaining or reconnecting with their families and communities. Siblings are separated on the basis of disability, gender and age and the most vulnerable children – those with disabilities or from minority ethnic groups – are disproportionately represented to an alarming degree.

The consequences are devastating for children, destroy families and deliver a heavy cost to society in the long term.

All of this can be prevented if the right services are in place to support vulnerable families and provide quality alternative family-based care for children.

Our opportunity

The conditions are in place across Europe to achieve sustainable change and end institutional care… Continue reading


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