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"Hope and Homes for Children" - Bulgaria implements the project "Strategic deinstitutionalization for the removal of institutional care for children under 3 years of age in Bulgaria". The organization supports the reform of child care and the deinstitutionalization process in the country, вкл. and removal of children with disabilities in centers for family-type accommodation. Within the project in the period 12 – 15 септември 2016 g. will hold training IMPACT - 2 Hall Grand hall of the hotel "Cosmopolitan". Training for Trainers Program IMPACT.
IMPACT Program is an international program tested, which has basically programs, created in the US, but it is supplemented with methodology and experience… Continue reading

1On 31.08.2016 g. It was signed Memorandum of Understanding between the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and "Hope and Homes for Children" - Bulgaria.
"Hope and Homes for Children" is a children's charity, which in 17 years working in Eastern Europe and Africa to improve the lives of children without parental care, or living in extremely difficult conditions.
The MoU confirms agreement, reached between the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and "Hope and Homes for Children" - Bulgaria, to work together and to support the process of realizing the targets of the National Strategy "Vision for deinstitutionalization of children in Bulgaria". Both parties confirm their agreement to follow the priorities, included in the Municipal Strategy… Continue reading

FireShot Capture 36 - Organization fighting abandonment n_ - http ___ bnr.bg_vidin_post_100733468Today you represent a relatively new organization Vidin – “Hope and homes for detsata – Branch Bulgaria”. Activity talk to her Elitsa Ivanova, Regional Coordinator of the NGO Association. She explains to us what are the areas of work, what specific actions have been taken in Vidin, how far things have come in reforming the homes for medical and social care for children.

” In Vidin we carry out two activities. In two ways we operate. The first is a regional coordination mechanism for deinstitutionalization. It was created on 27.05.2015g. This mechanism until now acted 8 times and have seen cases 7 children and a young man, placed in the Center for accommodation… Continue reading

FireShot Capture 34 - The regional meet koordinatsionen_ - http ___ www.sliven.government.bg_news.phpOn 27.07.2016 g. under the chairmanship of deputy governor Kamen Kostov meet regional coordination mechanism for deinstitutionalization / OKMD /.

In otrivaneto Kostov remarked, that a year ago between the regional governor of Sliven and "Hope and Homes for Children - Bulgaria" was signed Memorandum of Understanding and formed OKMD to pool the expertise and resources of members of the mechanism for solving specific cases of families and children risk, in which departments for child protection work and need support. Signed a Memorandum of cooperation for comprehensive support of families at risk of abandoning their children.

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memorandumVraca2Kalin Kamenov signed a memorandum of understanding with the "Hope and Homes for Children” – Branch Bulgaria.

"We are extremely pleased, on that will work with the "Hope and Homes for Children" - Bulgaria, because I, that through our common partnership we will be able to improve our services for early childhood development in Vratsa ", said Mayor Kalin Kamenov. "I hope, Vratsa Municipality to become one of the most developed municipalities in the social sector – something, to which diligently strive ", added the mayor of Vratsa.

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