Background info for DI Launch in EP - June 2013-1

On 11 and 12 May 2017. в гр. Sliven was held training on "De-institutionalization and alternative care" for employees of the CPD and providers of social services in Sliven. Training is implementing the project "Strategic deinstitutionalization to eliminate institutional care for children under 3 years of age in Bulgaria" "Hope and Homes for Children - Bulgaria".

The training aimed to enhance the professional skills of the participants to the process of deinstitutionalization and alternative forms of care for children Philosophy, principles and operational characteristics. In the course of learning discuss and Action Plan 2016-2020 and alternative services, which will be provided. In training module was included explanatory part specifics and peculiarities in support of children with disabilities. It was presented an alternative family environment, associated with them, and assistance, to be provided to foster parents, caring for children with disabilities.

В края всички участници изразиха благодарност на обучителите и удовлетворение от участието и желание за нови обучения и срещи.

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