A new beginning for the project “Right of participation and voice”

Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria with the financial support provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Financial Mechanism implements the project “Right of participation and voice”. Due to the pandemic situation, it was interrupted from 1.11.2020 and resumed its work from 14.05.2021.

The children and young people had the opportunity to see and plan the activities for the coming months of the project calendar. During the meeting, an upcoming training on children’s rights was planned, which is part of the project activities. Another activity that was discussed was the form of the Children’s Family Wars games. Scenarios were also prepared for the seminars related to children’s rights. The participants discussed and searched for the most accurate and appropriate title of the children’s participation book developed by them, as well as suggestions for its design. Everyone, with will and imagination, sought a path to the responsibilities and obligations that each right gives them. They realize that personal example makes us a society with values ​​and work in this direction.


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