Appliances under the campaign “Together we can do everything”


As part of the “Together we can do everything” campaign, we, together with CEZ, started replacing old electrical appliances for socially disadvantaged families. The families are from settlements in the districts of Vidin, Vratsa, Pleven, Sofia district and Sofia city. The new appliances consume less energy and will ease electricity bills in the coming years. The goal is for families to be able to spend more money and invest in their children. The parents are provided with appliances from Technomarket, which are partners of CEZ. On the threshold of winter in the homes of these 22 children there will be appliances for cooking, heating, laundry, cleaning and more that make life easier in the household and bring pleasant moments. The participants in the campaign rely on a synergy effect – savings of funds for new appliances, lower bills, more funds in families with children. From the experience gained in our work, we are convinced that all support must be quick, given in time and short-lived, so that families can become independent and not dependent on help. This makes campaigns like this very successful and the participants satisfied.


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Cosiness at home

In the past quarter, Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria has started the implementation of the joint campaign with Elektrohold called ” Cosiness at

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