Miglena Nikolova

  Miglena Nikolova is regional coordinator for Sliven region. She works daily in the field in a multicultural community, applying an individual approach to each

Natalia Nikolova

Natalia Nikolova is the regional coordinator for Pleven district. She works daily in the field in a multicultural community, applying an individual approach to each

Vesselina Ivkova

Vesselina Ivkova, Chief accountant   Vesselina joined the Bulgarian team of HHC in 2019 as Operations Accountant and from 2021 she holds the position of

Maria Dushanova

Maria Dushanova, regional coordinator Vidin district Maria has been part of our family since early 2022. Every day she communicates with institutions in Vidin directly

Milena Nedelcheva

  Milena Nedelcheva, regional coordinator Varna district In February 2021 Milena took up the responsibility as a coordinator for the city of Varna, where one

Gergana Atanassova

Gergana Atanassova, regional coordinator, Yambol district       Gergana joined the HHC team in 2017. She teams up with Marina Velikova. Gergana provides support

Veneta Hadzhiyska

Veneta Hadzhiyska, regional coordinator, Stara Zagora district Veneta has strengthened our team since September 2016. She works towards eliminating the need of the baby home

Svetla Ivanova

Svetla Ivanova, regional coordinator – Veliko Tarnovo district   Svetla confidently joined our ranks in 2016 as Regional Coordinator on the territory of Veliko Tarnovo

Evgenia Meserdzhieva

Evgenia Meserdzhieva, regional coordinator – Burgas Evgenia joined the HHC team in March 2017 and is a regional coordinator for Burgas district. She works willingly

Antonia Messerdzhieva

Antonia Messerdzhieva, regional coordinator – Burgas district Antonia joined HHC Bulgaria team in 2015 as a regional coordinator for Burgas district. She initiated the District

Yanka Nikolova

Yanka Nikolova, regional coordinator – Haskovo district Yanka has been contributing to our work in Haskovo since late 2015. She always tries to be there

Ivanka Taushanova

Ivanka Taushanova, regional coordinator, Kardzhali district Ivanka has been working with the Bulgarian HHC team since 2015 to close the gates of the baby home

Margarita Andreevska

Margarita Andreevska – regional coordinator, Vratsa district She joined the team of Hope and homes for children Bulgaria in 2015. She is a main driver

Maria Hristova

Мария Maria Hristova, regional coordinator – Sofia city and Sofia – district She has been working in the HHC Bulgaria team since February 2020 –