Dr. Milka Semova

Dr. Milka Semova facilitates Business-Academia-Nonprofit-Institutional liaisons and administers advocacy and fundraising campaigns. Her role is to initiate partnerships between Hope and Homes for Children –

Kremena Stoyanova

Kremena Stoyanova, child policies national expert Kremena started as a coordinator for Plovdiv district and was directly involved in the closure of one of the

Elena Petkova

Elena Petkova, Child policies national expert   Elena is one of the first team members of Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria since 2012.

Valeria Draganova

Valeria Draganova, program coordinator Valeria is part of the team since the beginning of 2013. She started as a coordinator for Sofia city and Sofia

Iva Nikolova

Iva Nikolova, program coordinator Iva gives us confidence from 2018. Thanks to her long career in the field of children’s rights and youth policies, both

Boryana Klimentova

Boryana Klimentova, program director HHC Bulgaria Boryana Klimentova joined the HHC Bulgaria team in 2013 as a program coordinator and since 2018 she is a

Georgi Simeonov

Georgi Simeonov, HHC Bulgaria executive director Georgi Simeonov is one of the founders of the organization in Bulgaria. He was a national consultant at the