Child participation programme in Day Care center for children with disabilities – St. Vrach



On July 23, 2018, 10 children aged 10-18 from the children’s participation program of Hope and Homes for children – branch Bulgaria visited their peers from the Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities “Sveti Vrach”. Together, the children painted on the asphalt and, communicating, shared their thoughts, excitements and messages. Some of the artists preferred to express their imagination on their own, others created with the support of the Day Care Center staff and the team of Hope and Homes for children.

With this initiative, the children from HHC‘s child participation program again showed their commitment and extended a hand to their disabled peers attending the center. The big blue heart that children drew together became a symbol of common activities aimed at emotional and psychological support, inclusion of children in joint initiatives, training in life and social skills, organizing leisure with different artistic activities compliant with the specific individual skills of the child, assistance for full inclusion, support for the social integration of children.

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