Children and their causes

Summer has passed us by quickly and it's time for new activities.

The new school year welcomes us with new challenges for the Children’s Participation Program. It is very interesting to watch how children plan, how they imagine their rights and how they grow with the responsibilities that come to them. One of the important and upcoming events is the 14th European Forum on the rights of the child and the active inclusion of children in consultations. The Program for Children’s Participation follows its traditions, and as for the 13th European Forum for consultation of the European Strategy for the Rights of the Child, children and young people participated in the future Forum of the Program and expressed their interest. The group during the session also discussed our presence in Our Voices Matter as topics and what they would like to hear and learn. All the participants agreed that their next session would be on-site with disabled children, where they would be able to communicate, draw and create with them, including them in the community. Of course, there was no lack of planning for fun events – kneading bread, making Christmas cookies, visiting interesting places and meeting interesting people. The young participants in the session tried their best and presented their ideas in a drawing.

It’s a good feeling that everything is coming!

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Cosiness at home

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