Children’s participation Programme


On 16.03 children from Children’s participation Programme of Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria gathered to be able to discuss and think about how they could promote and spread their ideas and activities and make the program recognizable among a larger circle of people. The children themselves made rules for working in the group, which were aimed at support, listening and assistance. Their task was to think about creating a Book of Children’s Participation Program to express the development of their program, activities and feelings. Children having fun in groups in which they themselves separate according to their strengths and wish worked on a mission, vision and logo of the Children’s Participation Program of Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria. Each of the groups had the opportunity to share, tell and present their ideas and each of the participants to complete and make suggestions. The children were unanimous that this initiative would have to continue in order to be able to prepare a really good book of history and feelings. Twelve children aged 9 to 17, including children from foster families, have been able to shape their thoughts and ideas by using their skills to present, draw, write, and participate.

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Our emotional Saturday

With the participants in the children’s and youth participation program at Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria, we visited the children and youth placed

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