Children should live in a family environment and that is what we are all working for

The District DI Coordination Mechanism gathered with new members, new coordinators and new chairperson.

Since 2015, the DDICM in the Region of Yambol has been functioning very well in cooperation with the organization Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria and in relation to the Updated Action Plan for the implementation of the National Strategy “Vision for deinstitutionalization of children in the Republic of Bulgaria”.

The new chairperson of the DDICM is the Chief Secretary of the Regional Administration of Yambol, Pavlina Penva and the new coordinators for the region from HHC – Bulgaria are Marina Velikova and Gergana Atanasova.

Boryana Klimentova, the programme coordinator of the organization was also present at the meeting. She focused on talking about the successful work of the mechanism and the model itself, whose purpose is still working with children between the ages of 0 and 3.

Case solving, support for children and families, reintegration of children back in their biological families are just part of the aims of the DDICM.

The members of the mechanism got more acquainted with the state of foster care as it is at the moment, on a regional level. The foster families in the region are 31. Therefore, it makes no sense to place children in the Home for Medical and Social Care or Children when there is a better alternative. “Children should live in a family environment and that is what we are all working for”, said Boryana Klimentova.

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