“Christmas tree of good” has become a tradition for the Burgas district administration

More than 500 packages of toys, books, new clothes, diapers, shoes, cosmetics and children’s food decorated the Christmas tree.

Six years ago, “Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria”  became the initiators and co-organizers of this initiative and it is becoming more and more successful.

The charity initiative “Christmas tree of good” in the District Administration of Burgas will delight dozens of children from socially disadvantaged families, as well as children placed in foster families. In addition to food, diapers, clothes and toys for babies and children up to 3 years of age from families for the first time this year, the call was for gifts for children under 18, accommodated in foster families under the project “Accept me”.

“This is the most successful year for the cause of the District DI Coordination Mechanism. The good in people is not an illusion. The crowded Christmas tree is prosperity and a sign of kindness and generosity. Thanks to everyone who joined the cause this year as well. For making Christmas possible for children and their families in need. Thank you all for your generosity, kindness and empathy. Thank you for the big hearts! ”- shared the regional governor Prof. Maria Neykova, who is also chairman of DDICM.

The Chairperson of the Municipal Council of Burgas Prof. Sevdalina Turmanova, who is also the founder of DDICM together with “Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria” said that the campaign “Christmas Tree of Good” is already recognizable among the public and is expected. “I am happy that in the person of the regional governor Prof. Neykova there is continuity and full support in the implementation of the campaign. Let the initiative last, so that more and more smiles shine on the children’s faces, to bring peace to the homes of those in need and we, as a society, to be united in doing good, “said Prof. Turmanova.

“Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria” continues to support families who are at risk of abandonment of children and we are very happy that the communication tool DDICM ensures respect for children’s rights to grow up in a family environment.

Convinced and united in the work to improve the quality of life, we will continue to be a catalyst for preventing the placement of children in institutions!

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