Come next year to see how we’ve changed everything

During the weekends, part of our team was involved in clearing the flooded homes in the village of Bogdan, Karlovo municipality. The deposits in people’s houses are more than one meter of mud, branches, trees, which are difficult to clean. “Thank you for helping us” were the words that charged us, and when we left we were told “And …. Come next year to see how we’ve changed everything!”.

Our team has created an organization to help families with small children and we constantly monitor the situation in Karlovsko. We are in talks with the CPD and the foster care teams and will step in with our active family support tools if needed.

At this stage, it is important to clean the houses and we call on anyone who has the opportunity to get involved, as a volunteer or to donate funds to the donation accounts of the NGO and the municipality of Karlovo.

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Our emotional Saturday

With the participants in the children’s and youth participation program at Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria, we visited the children and youth placed

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