COVID – 19 through the eyes of children


On June 30 in Zaimov Park, on a fresh air was held the first session with the participation of 6 children after the quarantine of the Program for children’s participation at Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria. The session was held in accordance with all epidemiological requirements. The session was dedicated to the past 4 months, in which the children were in their homes and continued their education through distance learning, as well as the challenges of the pandemic. The children had the opportunity to talk and share their feelings. Initially, the children individually filled out a questionnaire in which they defined their feelings, sensations and thoughts, described their plans for the future. Then they indulged in creativity and conveyed their thoughts and feelings on paper, in drawings and texts. The children shared that they missed the opportunity to participate in the program of our organization during the isolation, as well as the contacts between them. However, they are all optimistic and believe that in time everything will be fine and they will be able to truly participate in the program and continue to support children at risk and be their advocates.

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