Dialogue and interinstitutional cooperation


On 08.10.2020 in the meeting hall of the District Administration of Sofia District a meeting of the District DI Coordination Mechanism for Sofia District was held.

The meeting was opened and chaired by Mrs. Svetlana Trendafilova – Deputy Regional Governor of Sofia District, who greeted all present and noted the significant representation of local authorities as Deputy mayors and secretaries of municipalities.

The meeting was attended by the director of Regional directorate for social assistance, directors of Directorates for social assistance, representatives of the CPDs from the district, a representative of Regional Health Inspectorate, experts, district administration, coordinators of HHC – Bulgaria.

The program director Boryana Klimentova greeted the participants and introduced the team of Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria. Valeria Draganova, program coordinator made a short presentation on the benefits and meaning of the District DI Coordination Mechanism(DDICM), supporting her words with successfully resolved cases from Stara Zagora, Vratsa and Haskovo. The National Coordinator Kremena Stoyanova emphasized the need for inter-institutional partnerships and presented the good practices of DDICM in the other areas where Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria works.

Mrs. Ani Neykova – Director of Directorate for social assistance in Pirdop municipalities expressed gratitude to the team of HHC – Bulgaria for the successful joint work and pointed out how invaluable the cooperation is.

Mrs. Mila Pashova – Regional Coordinator of the Agency for social assistance made a brief explanation of the new law on social services and the development of the forthcoming map and commented that the District DI Coordination Mechanism is very useful and supportive for resolving cases of closing all institutions, which must be done by 2025.

The meeting ended with a wish for successful cooperation and continued intensive work in support of various cases of children and families at risk.

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