Dreams kneaded

The program for children’s participation in “Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria” met on March 20 to send its messages for a peaceful world through collective kneading of bread. The ten children and young people from the program were guests in the training kitchen of the Maria’s World Foundation, where young people with intellectual disabilities study and work.

Chef Milko spoke about his work in the kitchen and his communication with young people with intellectual disabilities, as well as the various recipes they prepare. Kneading dough has been practiced in the past to offer prayers for health and peace. The excitement in the children’s eyes was the result of what was happening in their hands. While the chef showed the steps and everyone followed them, we talked about children’s rights, what they are and how we can promote them. We commented on how we could better present and implement them, stand up for and support the vulnerable. During the preparation of the gingerbreads, the children and the young people communicated with each other, laughed and imagined an ideal world, in their eyes. Somehow, imperceptibly, we talked about the victims of the war in Ukraine. Wars in an unceremonious way take away all human rights and everyone tries to survive. Thus, our gingerbreads, full of love and warmth, went to the Crisis Center, where refugees from Ukraine are currently housed. We all want to live in a fairer world and that is why we at Hope and home for children advocacy program sincerely thank the Maria’s World Foundation and Milko for their time and opportunity to work together. We hope we have managed to pass on all our positive emotions and energy to refugee women and children, because they need them so much.

We will continue to work with new ideas and new advocacies this year as well!

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