European Child Guarantee

The children from the Children’s Participation Program at Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria gathered on April 16 to debate and discuss the European Child Guarantee.

The Child Guarantee is an initiative of the European Commission that aims to provide the most vulnerable children in the European Union with access to healthcare, education, childcare, decent housing and an adequate diet, the ultimate goal of which is the progressive realization of children’s rights in Europe.”

One in five children in the European Union is currently living a childhood deprived of opportunities for healthy living, learning, participation and reaching their full potential.

During the meeting, the children and young people from the Program listened very carefully to the information related to the initiative and then they were given the opportunity to share what is most important to them. Initially, they shared that the Child Guarantee means security that all their rights are guaranteed. In many of their drawings and graphics, they identified several key highlights:

  • access of all children to education;
  • healthcare;
  • healthy food;
  • inclusion of disadvantaged children in society;

They paid special attention to the fact that they want to be heard and properly supported. The home for each child is essential for his / her development, and the institutions should be eliminated and the families should be a place for the future generation to grow up. We talked about the state authorities and whether they pay enough attention to the educational conditions of all children with disabilities. It is through quality classroom equipment, accessible environment, resource teachers for those in need, that all children can be together at school. As part of a program for children’s participation and advocacy, the children have prepared texts that they plan to send to the National Coordinator for Bulgaria under the Child Guarantee to become part of the National Plan. They unanimously expressed the opinion that every child should be aware of this initiative and have the opportunity to express their opinion.

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