“Family patron” Award

Ема Кичева, ръководител "Корпоративни комуникации" Лидл България

We are happy that we had the opportunity to thank Lidl Bulgaria for their overall support, cooperation, understanding and assistance to our cause of every child having a family and growing up in one and being loved. The award was received by Emma Kicheva – Head of Corporate Communications.


Over the years, our collaboration has evolved towards building a safe and welcoming environment for poor families. Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria has always considered children as an integral part of the family and we strive for harmonious development of everything around them. For example, the lack of cooking utensils or clothes for the parents may not be directly related to the adolescent members in the family, but can affect them negatively. Our cooperation with Lidl Bulgaria has developed in line with our concept. Thanks to the donations we were able to support the fathers with tools and they found jobs in the construction sector. One of the mothers we used to support started to make handmade items with the sewing machine we provided her with and sell the products. Stabilization of the income of families at risk of abandoning their children is our goal. We expressed our gratitude by presenting the “Family Patron” award for all the years that Lidl Bulgaria donated all the necessary and important items for each family so that we could keep families together.



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