For a dignified life

Our work is aimed at families with children who are at risk of being placed in institutions. There is no better place to raise a child than the family environment, we believe in this and strive for it. When the child is in the family, everyone supports, educates and has dreams.

What happens to children who are diagnosed with autism, diabetes or will have to move around in a wheelchair? When the family has the means, it works to overcome deficits, when the means are limited, they go for food and the most necessary things in everyday life. This is the reason why children with disabilities from poor families are poorly integrated into society. Integration work is a long and complex process that requires a lot of time, resources and creativity.

Lidl’s latest donation included various accessories, leashes and dog collars. They became an occasion to contact the Eyes on Four Paws Foundation, which trains guide dogs for the blind, guides for people with disabilities, dogs for people with diabetes and guides for children with autism. We are very happy to have the opportunity to meet dogs, trainers and people with whom we share common values. Building networks of like-minded people is the most valuable and allows more people to help.

Another part of Lidl’s donation went to families from Vratsa, Sofia and Burgas. In addition, Family-type accommodation centers were supported.

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A responsible partnership

Lidl Bulgaria is once again involved in helping families in crisis. We are extremely happy that together we manage to find a way to overcome

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Currently, at least 5.4 million children worldwide live in institutions and are separated from their families. 80% of them are not orphans and can return

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