For the benefit of families in crisis

Our work is aimed at families with children who are in danger of being raised in institutions. There is no better place to raise a child than a family environment. We believe in this and we strive for it!

Each donation brings with it a lot of excitement and pleasant emotions. It carries the charge of those who provide it. It brings the aspiration and confidence of those who decide who to go to and is backed with gratitude to those who receive it.

For another year, Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria and Lidl Bulgaria are looking at one direction – how to benefit families in crisis. Most of the abandonment of children is due to economic reasons – families do not have the means for clothes, shoes, have no money for daily needs and face the inability to pay their bills.

In this situation, the donation of Lidl Bulgaria from clothes, shoes, household utensils and small appliances will go to families in need from all over the country.

A child’s smile is priceless, but it is worth working and fighting for!


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A responsible partnership

Lidl Bulgaria is once again involved in helping families in crisis. We are extremely happy that together we manage to find a way to overcome

Back to Family

Currently, at least 5.4 million children worldwide live in institutions and are separated from their families. 80% of them are not orphans and can return

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