Georgi Simeonov

Георги Симеонов

Georgi Simeonov, HHC Bulgaria executive director

Georgi Simeonov is one of the founders of the organization in Bulgaria. He was a national consultant at the closure of the first home for medical and social care for children in Teteven. The creation of the District deinstitutionalization Coordination Mechanisms (DDICM) was his idea, which is recognized by the Ministry of labour and social policy as a best practice in Bulgaria.

During this time he built a team that covers almost the whole country and implements innovative activities to keep children in a family environment. He devotes much of his time to building effective partnerships with national and regional authorities, and actively participates in the work of the Childhood 2025 Coalition. Mr. Simeonov defines the financial policy of the organization, participates in attracting partners and sponsors to build child policies. He also actively participates in the international events of HHC Bulgaria.

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