Gestures, words, smiles and a stroller that will go to a family in crisis

In the spring months of 2020, many people lost their jobs and incomes due to the closure of businesses in our country. Then COVID 19 took away even the opportunity to dream of a normal life for our families. In this situation, children from poor families were most at risk. During this period, we tried to help them so that their children could feel good in their families, with their relatives and friends. What is happening now, a year later, how do they live, do they manage their finances, are their children well? This month we wanted to make sure that our efforts were not in vain. So our tour took us to Maria, Angel and Ivo.

The door opened and she stood in the doorway, Angel’s grandmother and Ivo’s great-grandmother. She looked at us and said:

“If you know how much I love you!” And invited us to her home. From the door we heard the small footsteps and saw a smiling and handsome boy reaching out to us and throwing himself into our arms. We hugged him tightly and he kept smiling. Then we sat down, talked, laughed, had fun with Ivo and listened to the difficulties the family was going through. We know the whole story very well, we were with them and supported them last year, we advised them and rejoiced with them in every little success. We are happy to see the little one growing up in his family and being calm, confident, healthy and naughty. We were happy to learn that the father had already found a job and was able, albeit with difficulty, to take care of his son. It’s good when you have someone to share with, cry and feel supported. Find the path together and walk it. That’s how we all felt. Our meeting ended and we went to another family.

On the way out, the grandmother told us “Wait for here, I have a nice stroller here, why don’t you give it to a family in need, let’s help, use it” …..

We were speechless, we even looked at each other somewhat confused. A family that was on the brink and still looking for a way to stand on its own two feet, thinking about others, wanting to support another child. They know how difficult it is and are aware of every step. This gesture touched and excited us a lot, because this is our goal – to make families support and help each other. To be open and to share their difficulties and joys. This is what the real things are hidden in – in gestures, words, in smiles and looks, in actions and results …

We thank our donors with passionate hearts and we are glad that they will continue to do so and will pass it on to other families!

Together we can do much more!

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