Let’s bring coziness to home! Let’s give hope again!


Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria, together with Elektorhold Bulgaria, we are starting our new campaign “Give Hope”, within the framework of which we will support families from Vidin, Vratsa, Pleven, Sofia city and Sofia region.

Hope and homes for children work actively to prevent separation between children and their families. It is a complex process but with many benefits for families. We create conditions for every child to live with their parents and be loved. We approach our work with the necessary professionalism and observe high standards of communication and attitude towards families with children in crisis. We work inspiringly to see smiles on the faces of these families and to restore the security of the environment in which they live.

We are there for them with advice, guidance, expert help or just someone to talk to.

Thanks to the previous two “Give Hope” campaigns, we were able to save many families and strengthen family ties. Our common efforts are aimed at children growing up in a family environment, and their parents learning to cope with life’s challenges.

Our partnership with Elektorhold Bulgaria and their commitment and activity have helped fewer babies to be abandoned in Bulgaria, and this is a great success for our entire society!

In the “Give Hope” campaign, we will use the collected BGN 15,400 for:

  • Prevention of child abandonment.
  • Support for the return to the biological family of children from institutions.
  • Advocacy, consulting, supervision and transfer of good practices for the benefit of the families and children of Bulgaria.

Here’s what families we support say:


“It made us feel confident that we were going to make it, that we weren’t alone!”

They gave us strength for life, courage! Tomorrow is another day!’


” The period was difficult, my daughter – a minor mother, with a minor child, both at risk! The child could not speak, was hyperactive, had reflux, needed adapted food… My daughter did not take care of the child, she had him as a younger brother… Without Valeria from Hope and homes for children, we would not have survived physically , we needed food for the child, but also for us… They helped us until we got back on our feet. Together, we built a network of support – with health care workers, the kindergarten and specialists. Belief that we will manage was awakened. Five years later, here we are – we have a special child in a preschool group. In the beginning, he was a child with special needs, now he thrives in a special, unique way!’

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