Good practices for support of children and families


On 26.09.2019 in the Regional Administration of Burgas was held training on the topic “Working with parents at risk of abandonment” of the members of the District DI Coordination Mechanism and specialists – social workers, pedagogues and psychologists from CPDs and providers of social services in Burgas region / Center for community support, SGH and Center for work with street children /. The training was organized by Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria within the project “Strategic Deinstitutionalization for the eradication of the Institutional Care for Children Under 3”

The aim of the training was to increase the professional competences of working with parents by presenting a different model of work and support. The teamwork and interaction between professionals outlined the need and importance of a multidisciplinary approach in the process of deinstitutionalisation when working with children and their families.

Twenty-three professionals participated in the training, with Kremena Stoyanova, a national consultant from Home and homes for children – Bulgaria, and Antoniya Messerdzhieva, regional coordinator of HHC – Bulgaria for the Burgas Region. The participants expanded their knowledge and skills to work with families in the process of deinstitutionalisation and alternative care and discussed how to find the best solution for each child and family.

In the course of the training, participants were introduced to the Genogram method, which facilitates the collection of information on case work and its use for defining problems and finding cause and effect relationships. The program presented many cases and successful examples of Hope and Homes for children, connected with the prevention of abandonment.

At the end of the training, loaded with confidence and positivism, the participants expressed their gratitude to the presenters and organizers, emphasized the benefits of learning from their direct work and shared their desire for new training and professional meetings.

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