„Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria“  presents the power of partnership during the work with families

On 28 of February in the Regional Administration of Vratsa a common session between Unit for monitoring and assessment of Regional strategy for development of social services 2016 – 2020 and DDICM was organized.

The session was opened and chaired by the Deputy Regional Governor of Vratsa – Mr. Miroslav Komitski.

At the meeting participated director of the Regional Directorate for social assistance – Vratsa, directors of the Directorates for social assistance in the region, deputy director of the Regional Health Inspectorate, manager of the Complex of social services for children and families – Roman, Head of Child protection department – Vratsa, experts, working under the projects of Agency for social assistance, specialists from Regional Education Department and Regional Health Inspectorate, regional administration, representatives of the Ministry of Interior on regional level, manager of “Future and hope”-Mezdra Foundation.

Mrs. Margarita Andreevska, regional coordinator for Vratsa region of Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria presented a case of two children – twins, reintegrated from the Home for medical and social care for children in their biological family.

The story of the family, whose children were placed in the institution in the crisis moment and about the challenges, difficulties and fears that the family faced in order to reunite with their children in the loving, caring and stable family environment, was told. The emotional telling started with the cooperation between Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria, Head of CPD and the family. The development of children from the day of leaving the institution was followed. An assessment has been made of living conditions in the family environment, family and social relationships, children’s behavior, health status and household economy till that moment. Thanks to the adequate and timely support of “Hope and homes for children”, the goals are achieved one after the other. The mother, who initially thinks she has lost her children, is smiling more and more confident about the success of the twins. The story also included the involvement of the Regional Education Department in Vratsa and a local director of a kindergarten who donated fully equipped beds for the children.

The participants felt the strength of the partnership in this particular case. All of them are proud of what has been achieved in the territory of Vratsa District in connection with the process of deinstitutionalization.

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