„Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria“ supports a child from a twelve member family form the district of Vidin


For the most part, the abandonment of children in Bulgaria is due to parents’ poverty. Often, in order to be re-insured, responsible institutions tend to take the children out of their home and accommodate them in specialized homes. There, these children do not feel well because they are deprived of family affection.

We were asked by the media to comment on a case of a ten-child family in which the mother lost her two legs and part of the fingers of one hand. The two parents are illiterate, have no permanent income, and in 2015, after reporting on national television, most of their children are taken out and placed in a home and foster families. Two of them are adopted but the rest have not interrupted the relationship with the family and are willing to return home.

The tenth child we were called for is low in weight and is still in the neonatology department, where doctors care for him. Our regional coordinator, Elitsa Ivanova, was invited to comment on the case, and we committed ourselves working for the child to return to her family.

How can this happen?

– Assess the needs of the child and mobilize all resources in the community. We will help parents improve their living conditions.

– With our model of ACTIVE family support and with the support of all institutions and local organizations, we will try to build a network of people supporting the family.

– Another mechanism that we will use is “District DI Coordination Mechanism ” at the Regional Governor of Vidin District.

Thus, with joint efforts, the family can stabilize their situation and then be returned to their family and other children.

Link to the show: http://bnr.bg/vidin/post/100947998


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