How the quality of life of people with special needs is transforming


As a result of established partnership with the National association of municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria, the team of “Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria” conducted training of specialists from Family Type Placement Centers for Disabled Children and Young People in the period of 03.07- 05.07.2018 in Vratsa, hotel “Chaika”, Vratsata area. The training was attended by specialists from Vratsa, Mezdra, Byala Slatina, Roman, Vidin, Lom and Montana, as well as the coordinator of “Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria” for Vratsa region Margarita Andreevska.

The IMPACT programme was presented in front of the participants – an innovative, multidisciplinary, personally focused, active, continuous transformation. Emotionally and through their practical experience, trainers Boryana Klimentova – Program Director of Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria and Kremena Stoyanova – national consultant on children’s policies in the organization presented the different aspects of the overall and comprehensive approach created to help people with special needs to grow and develop, according to their capabilities and potential, as well as personalized approaches that use levels of intervention to allow people to move from the controling to the supporting methods. The ABC chronology (prerequisites, behavior, consequence) and Durand’s scale as tools, as well as the types of functional response, were introduced. And the role-playing games were engaging, compelling, changing. The main objective was to change attitudes regarding the skills of carers in the process of understanding behavior and to create programs to support special needs by introducing the issue of the environment and its importance for behavior.

At the end of the training, participants were convinced that a personalized, proactive approach could positively transform the quality of life for people with special needs. They left satisfied, armed with new ideas and tools to deal with problematic behavior.

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