In partnership with Borika, four single mothers will raise their children

Four families received help from BORICA, which will allow the children to live in a safe and secure environment

Recently, BORIKA Inc. supported the main activity of Hope and Homes for Children foundation. This donation helped 4 single mothers from Sofia and the Sofia region in raising their children. Financial support is extremely important for them and comes at a time when mothers are struggling to cope with their daily problems, which endangers their children’s development.

The work of Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria is related to the prevention of placement of children in institutions. In recent years, we have established ourselves as a leader in the provision of active family support for families with children. Our goal is for children to live in a family environment and to find alternatives for children in institutions.

Children most at risk of abandonment are those of poor single mothers. When working with them, it is necessary to use all the resources of the community, because in addition to food, clothes, shoes, purely physical and emotional help is needed so that the mother can work and have a secure and permanent income.

Valeria Draganova, Program coordinator of Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria tells about the mother helped by the “Borika” donation

– Gergana sought me out because she had lost her job, had no one to rely on to look after the child, was late in paying bills and the rent for the apartment. She was alone and confused. Problems that many single mothers face. When the problems become more than the solutions, and if support is not sought, it can lead to the children being institutionalized, resulting in trauma for both the mother and the children.

What did you do for this family?

– At Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria we have extensive experience and tools for handling crises in the family. Here, my first job was to clarify what the threats are to the child and how to permanently solve the problems so that both the mother and the child do not end up on the street.

In what did you invest the funds from the “Borika” donation?

– The support provided was key for the family. Without our intervention, there was a real danger that mother and child would be separated. In addition to the moral support provided on a daily basis, we provided food products and paid rent for the municipal housing in which they live. We were always with the family. We talked a lot and built a solid relationship of trust. If we had not supported them quickly, there was a danger that the child would be taken from the mother, and it would take time for her to be able to stabilize financially and get him back. This did not happen because we invested in the family for a safe living environment.

Is this enough?

– When the mother was calm, we could continue with solving the other family crises. We had many conversations with her and the child’s grandfather, who had not spoken for a long time, and we managed to bring them together. This process took months, but it is important that they were able to find a common language on behalf of the child.

What did the child win?

– The grandfather visits them every day and helps financially. The mother found a job with a contract, the child goes to kindergarten. This could not have happened without the help of the grandfather who takes and bringsback a boy in his home. If we had stopped only with material aid, it would have had a temporary effect and would not have been sustainable. Thanks to our work, we managed to mobilize the necessary resources and now the child will grow up surrounded by love, and the family will cope with future challenges. With the help of Borika, another child lives happily in his family and is preparing to go to school.

BORIKA Inc. is the basis of the technological infrastructure of the payment industry in Bulgaria and a leader in providing modern services to the banking sector. At the same time, the company has built long-term partnerships with a number of leading non-profits in Bulgaria, and regularly implements social initiatives related to providing better living conditions and educational support to children.

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