In the world of early childhood

A team of HHC – Bulgaria took part in the international conference “Creative parenting: creating the first interactive center in Bulgaria “In the world of early childhood” in support of parents, teachers and social workers” organized by the Equilibrium foundation.

The event took place on the 12th September and members of the HHC team took part in the discussion aimed at establishing the methods, approaches and activities of teachers, medical and social staff in early child development. The executive director of Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria underlined the necessity for a multidisciplinary approach when working with children between 0 and 6. With the existing practice of having one type of approaches elaborated on paper, and different ones set in motion, this really interferes with the development of children as proper adults. Our experience, which is in sync with all scientific achievements and research on the psychological development of children, shows that game is more and more necessary and that it is a way for children to show what they have learned and observed. Parents, teachers and social worker should just model the proper environment for the development of every child. The practice in Bulgaria shows more and more regulations rather than free play – everything needs to happen according to a tight schedule, structured but every child develops individually and rather than solving issues, such an approach only limits the child and doesn’t allow them to reach their full potential.

On the 13th September, participant from Scotland and Sweden presented their experience in family centers and kidergartens where the care for children is shared between parents, teachers, social and medical staff and aids the work on prevention of illnesses and aggression. There is a supportive network of relations and friendships so that children are raised in a loving environment.

The 14th September was the day the center officially opened doors in the city of Ruse.

The center has play grounds for children to play with natural materials and water, fairy houses, corners where children could seek solitude, a kitchen so that children and grown-ups can prepare their food together. The contemporary technology adds to the fun and creative atmosphere. This is a place where children are the ones setting the rules and the environment urges them to develop their skills and interests.

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