Joint work in Pomorie


We often ask ourselves, “Do the measures taken for children to  be back to school work? Do we need Child Protection Departments? How exactly do community services help? ”

We want to tell how we helped six children and their families and how important it is to unite more institutions and organizations when there is risk for a child.

In 2019, the municipal commission for education of the municipality of Pomorie received a signal that a child did not attend school. A representative of the Community support center is also included in the commission for visiting the family. In a remote neighborhood, in front of a one-storey house is the meeting with the family of Elena and Evgeni. They have six children, but a temporary lack of funds has led to the suspension of a child from school. The representatives of the CPD and the Community support center examine the room where the whole family lives and understand from the conversations that the lack of funds has led to starvation of the mother and father, and the children, even a baby of several months are fed with starch dissolved in water. If there was no signal and no visit, the baby’s life could be in danger.

Mother Elena only studied until the third grade, she had to take care of her sick mother, and when her mother passed away she was too old to go back to school. She marries Evgeni and they have six children. They are happy, have a house with a yard and dream of their children having a better life. Evgeni and Elena are among those people who do not complain about their fate. They have not sought help and are trying to cope on their own. They are the people who can make all kinds of compromises so that the children can be well, according to their standards.

The experts from the CPD and the Pomorie Community support center carefully analyze the risks for children and contact the regional coordinator of Hope and homes for Children – Bulgaria to join forces and resources for these children to grow up in a safe environment. Our team immediately got involved by providing products for the mother to prepare food, baby milk and clothes from donors for the family. To ensure a safe environment, Evgeni undertook to renovate the room. We bought a solid fuel stove, washing machine, bed, basket, stroller, clothes and a bedroom we provided with the support of Community support center. Every resource is valuable and that is why it is of great importance to build a network to solve each specific crisis. Psychological support for children and families is the other side of our business. Our joint work with Community support center convinced Elena to put on a convolute.

In order for the family to better manage their budget, the coordinator of Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria is considering to buy garden tools to grow vegetables in the yard of the house. These will be new skills for these people, which will make them more resilient to future crises. When institutions and the NGO sector work together, the results for children are much more effective.


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