National Meeting – Organizational Strategy of HHC in Action


The team of the HHC – Bulgaria gathered to share how they actually apply values ​​- courage, integrity and excellence in their direct work with children, families and partners, as well as interacting with colleagues. The pleasure and fun of all HHC’s experts in Bulgaria was to redefine the values ​​of the organization and how they contribute through their direct work to achieve the goals of the Organizational strategy.

Development of the Strategy through the focus of the organization’s values.

COURAGE seen through our eyes, which is: When we can work together, we achieve life for every child. We build a shield with our hearts, by which we defeat the bad and change the environment around us.

THE INTEGRITY saw it as a consensus among all of us, sincerity, respect, family, courage, strength, transparency, trust, self-denial. Our main belief is to accept all people as they are. INEGRITY is our glass of water that we offer to ourselves and others daily.

What is our EXCELLENCE in the work – a spiral of continuous process, challenge, decision making, love filled with emotions and ideas, hope and extended hand to people and all partners, ambition and knowledge of innovation. EXCELLENCE is the tolerance to be leading in changing attitudes in our society and to accept children as individuals.

The National Meeting was to open ourselves even more to our children, families and partners to be satisfied with achieving long-term results.

Everyone has gone charged with new ideas motivated to continue working on eradication of institutional care for children in Bulgaria.

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