One of the reasons for abandoning children is poverty



Today, October the 16th, an online meeting of the District DI Coordination Mechanism in Kardzhali was held. The meeting was convened urgently by the Regional directorate for social assistance and Hope and homes for children Bulgaria (HHC) following a publication in the local media about a distressed family with six children in the municipality of Kirkovo. All the institutions that have been invited to participate in the meeting and took their commitments for. The specialists, the social workers and the participants from HCC – Bulgaria the national consultant Kremena Stoyanova and the regional coordinator Vanya Taushanova, got united around the opinion that the family should be supported in order to continue taking care of their children towards which protection measures have been taken.

Windows and a door funded by the Kirkovo municipality are be installed in the family’s home any moment now. The mayor, Mr. Suleiman, also promised to provide cots for the children from the closed social hostel, as well as to provide temporary employment for the father.

Mrs. Zhana Chakarova, the head of the Bulgarian Red Cross, promised to help with food supplies and disinfectants.

Currently on the territory of the Kardzhali district Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria is supporting 11 children and their families as per an applied protection measure.

Mrs. Stoyanova drew attention to the need for medical assistance so the father’s illness could be determined, and the regional governor, Mr. Chanev assured those who were present that the director of the local hospital Dr. Cherkezov would certainly help. Mrs. Taushanova commented on the need to provide heating during the winter period and promised assistance in providing clothes and shoes for the children. HHC – Bulgaria will purchase repair materials and the father assisted by the older children, will repaint the apartment. The intervention of the institutions will lead to a happy outcome for these six children. The District DI Coordination Mechanism helps in such difficult cases when families need to receive many different types of support and they really do.

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