Our emotional Saturday

With the participants in the children’s and youth participation program at Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria, we visited the children and youth placed in the Family type accommodation center for children and youth with disabilities in the Nadezhda district in Sofia.

Our goal was to talk about the Convention on the Rights of the Child in general.

Children with disabilities have the same rights as everyone else, including the right to live in a family environment, the right to education and health care, and the right to express their opinions.

Our joint activities lead to getting to know each other and building empathy. Everyone freely said what they dreamed about – “To have more holidays”, “To be outside all day”, “To meet more people” and many others. Children’s dreams have no end and they are a great driving force.

They want to participate in common childhood activities such as games, going to school, making friends, choosing music and above all to be accepted with their specifics.

During the meeting, everyone expressed their opinions and wishes to be involved in making decisions that affect them. This includes choosing activities, friends and lifestyle.

The topic of Children’s Rights is complex, but it gives an opportunity to look for solutions to problems that are somehow little noticed, but have simple solutions.

Children with disabilities are very often limited in their means of expression and communication, but they always want to be properly understood. Perhaps the flowers they paint are not only an expression of the beauty they strive for, but also a way to get us to help them and grow a whole flower garden of possibilities and oppotunities.

These meetings are always valuable because through them friendships, emotional memories and good young people are created.

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