Our voices matter

What do children from Bulgaria, Rwanda, Romania, South Africa and Moldova have in common?

Maybe Hope and homes for the children? Dreams and hopes, or simply the desire to get to know each other through active communication on common topics?

On the day of St. Dimitar – the protector and wonderworker, the advocates from Bulgaria presented their activity to other children. Our youth program works for the right to live in a family environment for all children in the country. We reframe our rights and obligations through the eyes of society and strive to make the world a better place to live, so that the “child’s” voice is heard, understood and given a chance for realization.

Young people from all countries shared their views on how to realize your individuality and the satisfaction of being part of a big family. It’s nice when you can talk freely with children and young people at your age and get to know their favorite hobbies and activities. Music, sports, reading books, dancing is what children and young people from the “Our Voices Matter” group from Romania, Bulgaria, Rwanda, South Africa, Moldova and Ukraine have in common.

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In the Christmas Eve

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Ема Кичева, ръководител "Корпоративни комуникации" Лидл България

“Family patron” Award

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