Partnership in the process of social service provision


Session of the DDICM in Sofia region was held in the Regional Administration. The main moto of the session was „Partnership in the process of social service provision” and was led by the Regional Governor Mr. Ilian Todorov. He greeted the participants and presented the agenda and  after that gave the word to Mrs. Boryana Klimentova – programme coordinator of Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria. Mrs. Klimentova reminded the cooperative work of the Regional Administration and Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria in the framework of the signed Memorandum of Understanding in 2016. The methods and philosophy of work of the organization was highlighted in the common work with the families and the taken measures for not allowing children to be placed in the institutions.

The sessions continued with the reviewing of the concrete cases, presented by the heads of the social structures in Sofia Region, which are connected with the taking out of children from institutions and their placement in the Family type placement centers and foster families.  From the discussion was clear that very often problem during the deinstitutionalization process is the acceptance of children from the municipalities in the Sofia Region in the social services and foster families in other regions of the country, nevertheless that there are free places. The concrete problem cases with the placement of children from the institutions to the family type placement centers in Pravets, Pirdop and Dragoman Municipalities were presented.

The participants in the session discussed the options for the coordination and cooperation among the institutions on the territory of Sofia Region and outside of the region in order to facilitate taking out of children and their placement in the family type environment. At the end of the session readiness for cooperative actions was declared in order children to receive the most appropriate for them care.

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