Planning for 2024 from children to children

It’s time to start advocacy activities. Conversations for children at risk. What their support should consist of. Finding new ideas and initiatives.

We had an exciting meeting of the Children’s Participation Programme at Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria. It was interesting how children think about serious issues, such as child abandonment, what they miss about children with disabilities who are not being raised in families. How children at risk cope in school environment, with their friends. How do we respect their rights and responsibilities and is the direction of our work right in their opinion.

Here are a few things they think about:

“We want to be surrounded with love and learn to overcome difficulties.”

“We want more Bulgarians to develop and achieve in our country.”

“Regardless of age (small and big), everyone can do good and spread their activities. Behind every corner there is someone in need and it is in our initiative to support them – both emotionally and physically.”

Each of the participants prepared a personal plan and wish for activities and then we all together drew up a general plan based on their wishes. After that the children had the opportunity to start working on the book of the international group “Our Voices Matter”, the aim was to tell about Bulgaria and everything important for them related to our country.

“My country is Bulgaria and I love it. I like living here, I get excited about the things that happen at school, about friendship and football. I would like to have more adequate teachers who understand children and don’t bully them.”

In laughter and fun, several topics were prepared about Bulgaria – geography, history, location, religion, culture and what the children of Bulgaria want. Also what should be the function of the Child Participation Programme.

“In 812 the Glagolitic alphabet was created and the Cyrillic alphabet a few years later.

“Bulgarians are a small nation with a rich history, love of nature and life.”

“How each participant feels, thinks and does is important for the development of the Child Participation Programme.”

The children’s meeting ended with a sincere conversation about the reasons for separation between children and families – children are excited about this issue.

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