(Re)inverted world



My name is Neven, I am four years old and I want to tell about my family.

My family lives in Sofia and was involved in the campaign of Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria and CEZ “Together we can do everything.” Today, my sister and I are very happy because we will not worry, together with mom and dad, about the electricity bills until the New Year. In the yard in front of the block, the sun is pleasantly warm and my legs are running towards the climber. My eyes are looking for the highest point to climb. I hang my body upside down and it’s as if everything is more fun, more playful and my world is seen upside down.

When I was two years old, my parents saw that it was difficult for me to lift my head, I had difficulty with speaking and I had no coordination in my movements. Then my mother decided to find a way to leave me temporarily in the INSTITUTION, thinking that when she could she would take me, she also saw that my life there would be better. Then she met the HHC-Bulgaria’s team and they explained to her how she could handle all the challenges without leaving me to be raised in an institution. Exercises, a lot of talking, reading and looking books started and I began to walk more confidently, raised my head, smiled every new day and played a lot with my sister. I met new friends in the kindergarten and my speech improved. It’s fun to rediscover this world and to dream.

This year I was 4 years old and I wanted to be healthy, strong and smiling, but everything turned upside down with the pandemic of COVID -19.

I was left isolated at home, without friends, without the sun and walking, but at least my family and I were together. We felt the power of love and that was enough for us. Mom lost her job, Dad kept working, but we didn’t have enough money for anything. Despair was in my sister’s eyes, my father lost his smile, and my mother began to talk less and less. Happiness seemed to go away in silence, and despair was permanently seated at our table.

The bell in our apartment seemed to break the sad atmosphere with the good news that we were involved in the “Together we can do everything” campaign and gave me back hope.

Now I can reach out my hands for the sun, from the highest part of the climbing frame, then relax my body and hang upside down – it’s fun!

Maybe this is the new normal?

Maybe more people will turn in to help families in crisis!

When I grow up I will help others!

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