Session of the DDICM – Haskovo


On March 23, 2018 in the meeting hall of the Haskovo District Administration was held a meeting of the District DI Coordination Mechanism for deinstitutionalization.

The meeting was opened and chaired by Dr. Stefka Zdravkova – Deputy Regional Governor of Haskovo District.

The meeting was attended by the director of Regional directorate for social assistance, Directors of the Directorates for social assistance, representatives of the CPDs in the field, the director of the Regional Health Inspectorate, experts from the Regional Educational Department, the district administration, the Municipality of Haskovo, the foster care team and the coordinators of Hope and homes for children.

At the meeting was presented the work of institutions for deinstitutionalisation in 2017. The current state of the Home for medical and social care for children – Haskovo, where there are currently 18 children, has been discussed, 13 of them with disabilities and 5 healthy ones. A procedure has been started to accommodate 3 children in the foster families.

In the Haskovo region there are 135 foster families, at the project “Accept me” – the foster families are 121, 97 are employed, 24 are vacant / some of them are to be deleted / Foster families with accommodated children aged 0 to 3 are 38. There are no free foster families with a profile of 0-3 years. There is currently a campaign with priority to find foster families with such a profile. There is a need for foster families for children with disabilities in the area they do not currently exist. On the territory of Haskovo district there is to be built a permanent medical care center with constant medical care of 8 seats, only the terrain is currently approved.

The Municipality of Haskovo will have a Transitional Home, another Day Care Center for disabled children, a Center for community support with increased capacity and a crisis unit.

In 2017, “Hope and Homes for Children – Branch Bulgaria” supported 23 children at risk of abandonment.

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