Shared food can make us dream


On 15.05.2020 Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria received a donation from the company “Talar Foods” Ltd. The donation is boxes of non-perishable food products and is a total of 180 kg.

We gratefully accepted the food.

Many families have fallen into crisis since the introduction of measures to overcome COVID 19. Our efforts have focused on finding those most in need. All the families we work with were explored and they were supported with food. In order to be able to help others in crisis, we provided part of the donation to the Social Assistance Directorate in Municipality of Elin Pelin. There was a lot of joy in the eyes of all children and families who are grateful to the company “Talar Foods” Ltd. for their support.

We are ready to help in case of family crises because we see that timely help can prevent serious consequences for children.

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