Sixteenth Session of the District Coordination Mechanism for Deinstitutionalization of Children


On September 27, 2018 in the Regional Administration of Burgas the sixteenth session of the District Coordination Mechanism for Deinstitutionalization of Children was held under the Chairmanship of prof. Sevdalina Tourmanova, District Governor of Bourgas District.

The meeting was attended by 18 representatives of the institutions – members of the District Coordination Mechanism engaged in work with children at risk at municipal and district level.

At the suggestion of the Head of the Child Protection Department in the municipality of  Sozopol the case of 2 months old boy at risk of abandonment was discussed on the agenda of the meeting. His family has moved to Primorsko, the mother lives with a cohabitant who is the father of the child, but they have no marriage. The parents are experiencing serious difficulties in providing housing and the necessary food, diapers, bedding etc. for raising the baby. While the CPD social worker clarifies the situation of the family and they decide where they want to live, Hope and Homes for Children – Branch Bulgaria will support the parents by providing the most necessary food and other products for the child.

On the second point of the agenda, the representative of the District Foster Care Team under the project “Accept me” has informed the members of the District DI Coordination Mechanism about the state of foster care in the area. At the municipality of Burgas there are 3 free foster families at the moment, but the number of foster families in the area is still small and insufficient, and this seriously impedes the work of CPDs in their care for children at risk of abandonment.

At the end of the session at the suggestion of Zonta Club Burgas the members of the District DI Coordination Mechanism have decided together with the foster care team to organize a working meeting of the foster families from the district to get acquainted and exchange good practices and experience. The meeting will take place in November on the occasion of the Christian family day.

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