Sprouts of the Good


In recent months, everything around us has changed – very quickly and quite unexpectedly. We lost our social freedom and began to close ourselves in the circle of friends, in the family and with a lot of fear to look into the future. So in these uncertain times it is very nice to meet the Good, which is always somewhere around us, but we pass it and do not notice it.

Two years ago, the team of Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria was contacted by a kind and friendly lady who wanted to help with donations for specific families. We responded immediately and the donations went to children who live in poverty but are surrounded by a lot of love in their families. Kindness and generosity are most often associated with wealth, but it is a wealth of spirit and the will to see more happy people. Our team is always looking for opportunities to mobilize society to think about their future and take care of children. We had no more contact with this donor, except incidental telephone conversations.

In June, we learned of a major financial crisis with a single mother. We did everything in our power, but the need for funds was great. We decided to seek help and called the Donor. She had lost almost her entire business because of the coronavirus pandemic, and it was unclear when she would be able to recover it and how things would work out. She didn’t even think about it, but offered to make her a list of the necessary goods and products and mobilized her friends to help as much as they could. When you do good, you infect others and the world becomes a better place to live.

Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria are very grateful to such people who not only donate, but also look for ways to sow the Good in other people.

It is a real treasure to know such people and they inspire us every day, at every meeting they leave an imprint in us and make us dream of a more virtuous world in which to live.

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