Support for the children and families

On 19.09. In 2019 in the Regional Administration-Sliven was held training of the members of DDICM- Sliven on the topic “Working with parents who are at risk of abandonment”.

The training was attended by 16 representatives of institutions involved in working with children at risk at the municipal and regional levels.

The purpose of the training was to enhance the professional competences of working with parents by presenting a different model of work and support. During the training, participants shared their experiences of working with families who are at risk of abandonment, as well as the problems they face in the course of their work.

At the end of the training, participants expressed the view that if all countries working with families at risk of abandonment work together and in cooperation with each other, this will lead to family sustainability and reduce the risk of abandonment.

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Cosiness at home

In the past quarter, Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria has started the implementation of the joint campaign with Elektrohold called ” Cosiness at

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