Thank you for trusting “Mihaleva for Hope”

Daily work for families in crisis meets us with interesting people. People filled with fear for their children’s future. Fear of the impasse they find themselves in and with great expectation that we will show them a way to deal with the situation. This requires us to be committed to the cause of creating opportunities for a good future for children.

We help families find work, children go to school, organize their homes and have hope for the future. Very often we also find new partners who are happy to join our activity. We found such a partner in the face of the “Mihaleva for Hope” foundation. The donations they collected were given to us for the children we work with. Our common understanding that children should live in a family environment gives us hope that they will not end up living in institutions in the future. The family, with its values and foundations, cannot be replaced.

“Mihaleva for Hope” carries out its activities and strives to provide help and support to individuals and communities in need. The foundation’s team works on projects to have a positive impact on people’s lives, wherever and whenever needed.

Good ideas bring us together, and dreams become reality when many people believe they can lend a hand.

Thank you for trusting “Mihaleva for Hope”!

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