The 14th meeting of the DDICM in Burgas took place on the 21st November 2017


The meeting began with a discussion in regards to 2 cases, provided by the social workers from the CPD Burgas and the CPD Sozopol. After discussing the first case, looking through the report of the social worker and outlining the current issues, a solution that would keep 3 children, aged 2.5, 9 and 11 years, in their family was found. The chairperson of the DDICM, Mrs. Turmanova, was incredibly helpful and the children will now be raised by their father. As for the second case, the regional coordinator for Burgas will begin work in the field, together with the social worker from the CPD Sozopol and will aid an underaged mother to take care of her 3-month0old baby.

17 representatives of institutions, members of the DDICM, working with children at risk on a regional and municipal level took part in the meeting. The regional coordinator of HHC – Bulgaria informed all DDICM members of the work on prevention of separation and reintegration in biological families in 2017 and thanked all CPDs in the region of Burgas for the mutual work on cases of risk of abandonment.

At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Turmanova announced that the DDICM will once more organized a Christmas charity campaign, titled “Christmas tree of the good” for the upcoming Holidays. The idea of the campaign is to collect donations under the Christmas tree of the Regional Administration in the time period between the 1st and 20th December 2017. The donations will range from food products to clothes and shoes for the children and families that Coordination Mechanism has been working with throughout the year. This way, the children and families will get a lot of presents.

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