The child’s good mate

Guide on the meaning of child participation Child participation gives every child the right to express their opinion fully and freely, on all matters, especially those affecting him. Their point of view must be taken into account, it is equal to that of every adult (Kaloyan, 17). Children are part of the world we live in and the system that determines how we live, which meansthat they are equal to everyone and have the right to vote. Child participation enables all children not to be afraid and to say what they think and to express what they feel, because their opinion must be heard and most importantly – accepted and respected (Niya, 18). Every child has the right to participate, which means that they can take part and speak freely on any topic, especially those that affect them one way or another. This child should not be negleted in any way, and their opinion should be heard and respected (Mihail, 14). Child participation is what gives each child the opportunity to learn about their rights and freedoms, to express their views on topics that affect them. Participation in such projects motivates each child to show that regardless of their gender, race, marital status and age, their feelings and thoughts are of great importance (Lydia, 17). Child participation is the prism through which the point of view and position of young people can be heard. This provides a different view of things, which is always valuable and fundamental for making the right and meaningful decisions regarding the fate of children (Elena, 17). Child participation gives the right to all children and young people to express themselves freely on any possible issues on any topic (Gergana, 12 years old).

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