The children’s guarantee and how to fulfill it through the eyes of our children

On April 1, 2023, children and youth from the Children’s Participation Program gathered to continue the already started conversation about the Child Guarantee. A responsible task, but also motivating enough because they have already sent the “Children’s Alternative Report” to the UN, which concerns children’s rights.

Divided into two groups, the participants discussed quite lively what should be done by the adults (the Government and responsible persons) and by the children and youth themselves, in order to implement the written recommendations to improve life in the European Union.

The most important things for them took shape in debates:

  • no existence of institutions,
  • no more children living there,
  • to pay serious attention to children with disabilities,
  • to work on relationships between students without violence and many, many other topics important to them.

After reviewing the Alternative Report, they found that concrete steps should be prepared on how to improve their lives and how to put their demands in order to be properly understood. Opinions were expressed about:

  • creation of a favorable environment for all children in school and uniform equipment in all schools;
  • ensuring access to education and resource support;
  • support for children with disabilities;
  • developing empathy in society and integrating children with disabilities;
  • increasing the activity of young people – creating more opportunities for participation and a platform for children and young people so that they are heard and their opinion is paid attention to.

The topic is important and children and young people will continue to discuss and offer their ideas to ensure that their suggestions are part of the Operational Action Plan to implement the Child Guarantee.

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