The children’s program at the table of a World cafe

We launched the Children’s Participation Program of Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria for 2023. Our focus is on the European Child Guarantee and the contribution of children and young people to it. Through the eyes of world travelers, the children put together a “World Cafe”. Divided by tables and with a dynamic change of participants, they looked for common themes and challenges for future work. Interesting were the discussions about:

  • What measures should the Government take through the National Plan for the Implementation of the European Child Guarantee to improve the lives of children with disabilities. – They shared experience from a close encounter with children who need more attention and effort in order to develop their potential.
  • What do you think needs to be done and be effective so that all children can be included and actively participate in public life?
  • How can it be ensured that children’s voices are heard and accepted?
  • What do you think about violence and how do you think it can be eliminated?

Following the working principles of the World Cafe, every opinion was important and was noted in the answers prepared by the children. It became clear that children want to participate and provide their opinions and ideas related to issues that concern them, want to be informed and contribute to every single measure and action set out in the European Child Guarantee. They shared about children with disabilities and the problems they know about. Close encounters with violence terrify them, and it must stop. The topics will continue to be discussed and a document will be prepared based entirely on the thoughts and suggestions of the children from the Program.

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