The lack of foster parents is a major problem in the deinstitutionalisation process

On 13.10.2021 in the hall of the District Administration of Haskovo was held a meeting of the District DI Coordination Mechanism.

The meeting was opened and chaired by Mrs. Violeta Jeleva, Deputy Regional Governor.

The meeting was attended by 15 participants – the director of Regional directorate for social assistance, the director of Regional Health inspectorate, representatives of the CPDs and the municipalities from the district, experts from the District Administration and experts from Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria.

In 2021, 22 children were supported under the Active Family Support model. Three foster families received support to accommodate children with disabilities. 2 trainings of the members of DDICM were conducted.

Dr. Dimitrova, Director of Regional Health Inspectorate, shared with those present that the construction of Family type placement center for children with disabilities and need of permanent medical care is progressing and hopes to be completed by the end of the year. The established Center for Comprehensive Services for Children with Disabilities and Chronic Diseases works at full capacity with 36 children.

HHC-Bulgaria’s experts suggested to the representatives of Regional Administration to make a selection of the staff for Family type placement center for children with disabilities and with the need of permanent medical care and with our help to train them. Thus, when starting the service at the beginning of next year, the quality of life of the children will be guaranteed.

The meeting considered a case of a 9-year-old child, a refugee accommodated in the Family type placement center. The child must be taken to a foster family, but they have not found one. We made a commitment to check for free foster parents in the country.

Many of those present expressed gratitude for the support we provide in the process of deinstitutionalisation in the Haskovo district.

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